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Some however not all the indoxyl combines with itself to produce the dianion salt, leuco-indigo or indigo-white, which is soluble and really coloured gentle yellow. With Japanese indigo, Polygonum tinctorium, the indican is hydrolysed into indoxyl by the enzyme β-glucosidase . Indigofera additionally accommodates glucosides of kaemferol, a pre-cursor of the yellow colorant kaemferol, a flavonoid that’s widely distributed in the plant kingdom.

It discovered that a cluster of 1-three molecules of 6-bromoindigo was purple, a cluster of 4 molecules was purple and a cluster of more than 6 molecules was dark blue . Thus bromoindigo is a purple gasoline, but is purple in solution and blue as a solid.

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Randomly organized small clusters form massive aggregates which might be purple, whereas efficiently packed large clusters type small aggregates that are blue. Within the lattice every indigo molecule is hydrogen-bonded to four neighbours, forming a pentamer. The indigo molecules are then arranged in stacks with their aromatic rings lying parallel to one another, mentioned to be π-stacked. However neighbouring piles are tilted relative to each other.

The combination of these two forms of bonding gives rise to excessive lattice energies and consequently excessive thermal stability and low solubility. The main aspect response during oxygenation begins with a number of the indoxyl transformed into isatin and anthranilic acid .

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The isatin then readily combines with the remaining indoxyl to supply indirubin which, being only barely soluble in water, also precipitates with the indigotin. Indirubin is also known as pink indigo, but it’s really pink-violet.