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Curinus coeruleus has been mass produced, released and evaluated since 1986. The results diversified over time and in several places in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

The totally different levels of decomposed ipil-ipil leaves and rooster manure produced bigger and longer ears of corn. The size of corn ears and seed measurement did not present any vital differences among the therapies. As regards to the yield per plot and per hectare, therapies were extremely important. Lowest yield was obtained from the control with a imply yield of 2.99 tons.

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These are balanoy at 20 g/plant, damong maria at 10 g/plant, lagundi at 20 g/plant, Quisqualis indica L. at 10 g/plant, talumpunay at 20 g/plant, tsaang gubat at 10 g/plant and yerba buena at 20 g/plant. Instead of complete fertilizer, lagundi may also be fertilized with 750 g/plant ipil-ipil leaves and yerba buena with 10 g/plant ammonium sulfate (21-0-0) or forty g/plant hen manure. Sambong responds greatest to 40 g/plant ammonium sulfate or a hundred g/plant solophos (zero-18-0). Differences on plant height at maturity, ear length and shelling proportion had been insignificant. Results showed extremely significant variations on plant peak at 30 DAE and significant at 60 and ninety DAE.

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The vegetation were subjected to various ranges of sunshine depth and completely different fertilizer supplies and application rates. Growth efficiency and quantity of “energetic constituent” had been monitored at common intervals. , Leucaena leucocephala (Lamk.) de Witt (ipil-ipil), Vitex negundo L. , Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir and Blumea balsamifera (L.) DC are sun loving crops. , and Carmona retusa (Vahl.) Masam have better efficiency underneath partial shade. Some vegetation grow better beneath full solar, but their “active precept” is higher underneath partial shade. Most of the plants respond finest to various application rates of complete fertilizer ( ).