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The intercropping schemes included monoculture and intercropping corn and peanut planted with and with out hedgerows on the contour at varying corn population degree at 33,000, forty,000 and 50,000 vegetation per hectare. Under the cropping scheme employed, monoculture corn and peanut exhibited superior growth and yield over that of the intercropped parts. However, when the yield of each crops have been mixed, higher profit were obtained compared to corn monoculture however not to sole peanut, due to the massive distinction of economic values of the crops.

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Harvest indeces of cassava and candy potato plants, zero.sixteen and zero.06 respectively, have been found to be superior in an open ground environment, while those obtained in area with ipil-ipil strips have been zero.54 and zero.04, respectively. For cassava, a total tuber yield of 13.10 t/ha was obtained in an open ground environment with a yield of 3.49 t/ha. For candy potato, tuber yield was three.forty nine t/ha in an open ground surroundings and a pair of.15 t/ha in an area with ipil-ipil buffer strips. Statistical evaluation indicated that the majority yield elements of cassava and candy potato have been considerably affected by the ground surroundings. Open floor environment consistently indluenced the yield components greater than that with ipil-ipil buffer strips . The legumes intercrop used didn’t considerably have an effect on the herbage yield and yield parts of cassava crops. However, time of planting the legume intercrops significantly affected herbage yield, measurement of marketable tubers, weight of marketable tubers and complete yield of cassava plants.

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Corn or molasses supplemented to recent ipil-ipil leaves didn’t considerably affect the weight gains, dry matter intake, reproductive traits, hematological values, organ weights and reproductive capabilities of does. All tests of significance had been made at 5{3f2e30b7ce373fba3104e5c6db51f05795439efb754b4f707436b26fa7beec87} likelihood level. Agronomic characters of cassava vegetation corresponding to herbage yield and harvest index elevated significantly by the bottom setting. An herbage yield of 19.forty eight kg/plot was obtained in area with ipil-ipil buffer strips which was higher than that obtained in area without ipil-ipil yielding sixteen.ninety four kg/plot. However, ground setting did not significantly affect the herbage yield of candy potato plants.

Application of herbage from the hedgerows tended to increase yield of each crops with marked effects noticed in corn. Although yield was not significantly affected by corn population levels, highest corn yield was obtained at 50,000 plants per hectare. Peanut yield was comparatively higher when intercropped with corn on the lowest inhabitants. High LER values of 1.39 and 1.32 had been obtained in these therapies, respectively.

Effects of row position was distinct on the intercropped corn. Highest yield of corn was obtained within the rows positioned immediately above the hedgerows. On the other hand, the peanut intercrop was not much affected by row position. A complete of 18 does fed rations of contemporary ipil-ipil leaves alone, ipil-ipil leaves and corn and ipil-ipil leaves and molasses twice and 4 times day by day were noticed within the research. Findings showed that the energy sources and feeding frequencies did not significantly have an effect on the pituitary weight of does. However, does fed twice daily with corn supplemented recent ipil-ipil leaves had considerably lower pituitary weight and better thyroid gland weight than does fed with ipil-ipil leaves alone. Does fed with solely contemporary ipil-ipil leaves four instances day by day had significantly higher adrenal weight in comparison with does in all the opposite therapies.