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The chapter Xiao Ya in the Shi jing describes women accumulating indigo crops at the time of the Xia Dynasty, during the early second millennium BC . It was cultivated in Southeast Asia in the course of the first millennium BC. Marco Polo described how indigo was prepared as a dye at ‘Coilum’, modern Kollam on the coast of Kerala, India, in about 1293. The plants have been harvested, stripped of their roots, and steeped in water in massive vessels exposed to the recent solar till they decomposed. The coagulated dye was divided into 4-ounce pieces for export to Europe . By far the most important member of the indigoid family is indigotin, historically obtained by the enzymatic reduction of crops of the indigo household.

It can simply be produced unintentionally – for instance as a result of indigo animal forage accidentally falling into a puddle of urine. Indeed it may have been used from the earliest instances in China.

The leuco-indigo is shortly oxidized again into insoluble indican, altering to greenish-blue and finally blue. Indigo in the Lesser Sunda Islands It is likely that the process for producing indigo dye from wild Indigofera was discovered independently in many components of the tropics a long time ago.


plant pots

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Synthetic indigo – indigotin – was developed in Germany and launched commercially in 1897. It had a major impact on the manufacturing of pure indigo, devastating the indigo plantation industry in British India inside a decade. Synthetic indigo additionally lacks the botanical impurities that provoke micro-crystal clustering, a phenomena that creates a deeper blue along with a degree of iridescence. When you are including vegetation to your own home, give them a home of their own in plant pots. Our variety of indoor plant pots ensures you’ll please your plants and fit your fashion.