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During the eighteenth century the Dutch VOC encouraged rulers in Central Java and Timor to plant and domesticate indigo, using plants supplied by the company . In the nineteenth century two more significant initiatives led to a significant enlargement of indigo cultivation on Java. Under British rule Raffles introduced a system of land tax, which was reformulated following the restoration of Dutch control in 1816. Peasants were required to domesticate one fifth of village land with money crops such as indigo or sugar on behalf of the government .

Given the tropical heat of lowland Indonesia, artificial heating isn’t usually required. The most important issue is to keep up the pH in the vary to 11.5 (neutral is 7.0).

Burnt coral or shell, lime, or plant ash is used to create the alkali, while honey, molasses, sugar, cooked rice, tapioca, pineapple, banana, fermented cassava or other plant species are added to feed the micro organism. To forestall untimely oxidation the dye combination must not be vigorously stirred.

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In 1830 the brand new Governor General of the Netherlands Indies, van den Bosch, launched a brand new cultivation initiative, the Cultuurstelsel, impressed by the British colonial plantation system. Plantations were established in locations similar to Cirebon and Pekalongan in north Java to domesticate indigo, sugar and low for export. As a part of this initiative the Dutch launched each Natal and Guatemala indigo into Java (Fokkens 1910, forty five-48). guatimalensis, introduced by the Dutch in the nineteenth century, is still harvested in the Kerek sub-district of Tuban right now, the place it is known as tom gresi or presi . Generally the Indigofera contain the next focus of indican than the non-Indigofera species. Different sources report that from 30 to one hundred seventy five occasions more indigo dye may be obtained from the same amount of tropical indigo versus woad (McCulloch 1852, 1427; Goffer 2006, 372). Indigo yields from Marsdenia tinctoria in Thailand were discovered to be lower than half these of Indigofera .

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For similar reasons the dye pot is usually lined with leaves or different gadgets in the course of the fermentation course of. Once the combination turns a clear greenish-yellow the reduction is complete. In Lamalera indigo grows wild across the village, however in inadequate portions for dyeing. Indigo for dyeing is subsequently obtained by way of barter from the villages above Lamalera on Ile Labalekan. There it is sewn within the fields following the maize harvest towards the tip of the dry season in order that it can be cropped later in the rainy season.