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The identical remedy produced the very best computed yield and the largest bulbs. The intercropping schemes included monoculture and intercropping corn and peanut planted with and with out hedgerows on the contour at varying corn population level at 33,000, forty,000 and 50,000 vegetation per hectare. Under the cropping scheme employed, monoculture corn and peanut exhibited superior progress and yield over that of the intercropped parts. However, when the yield of both crops were mixed, larger revenue have been obtained in comparison with corn monoculture but to not sole peanut, as a result of big difference of economic values of the crops.

The plants besides the contro1, were treated with the next fertilizer fee/ha; + Control kg NPK/ha; kg NPK/ha + 5 tons ipil-ipil; kg/ha + 10 tons ipil-ipil; kg/ha + 15 tons ipil-ipil; kg/ha + 20 tons ipil-ipil. Plant height was affected by ipil-ipil leaves at 30 and 60 DAE. The tallest plants were obtained from those utilized with 20 t of ipil-ipil leaves/ha and the shortest have been from the control.

Application of herbage from the hedgerows tended to increase yield of both crops with marked effects observed in corn. Although yield was not significantly affected by corn inhabitants ranges, highest corn yield was obtained at 50,000 plants per hectare. Peanut yield was relatively higher when intercropped with corn at the lowest inhabitants. High LER values of 1.39 and 1.32 had been obtained in these treatments, respectively.

potting soil

It has significantly better growth charges and over dry biomass was 15 instances higher than that of L. The litter-layer appeared effective in stabilizing the site in opposition to erosion growth.