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He looked so proud and so joyful.A picture he had send house to his parents. The women, men and kids who had been able to survive these horrific circumstances, savage beatings and starvation, puzzled the rest of their lives how it was potential that human beings have been in a position to do that to other human beings. Maybe my mom and her sister could have died in peace with no hatred in their hearts. Many years they endured suppressed rage at the torture and rape, they suffered at the hands of their Japanese captors. In view of the restricted time left, till march 2013, we might welcome an early response. The training curricula disguise the facts and the reference that each one issues are legally settled underneath the assorted treaties does not dismiss Japan from its moral obligations. My mother and her sister had misplaced all their picture albums during the occupancy of the Japanese in the Dutch Indies.Sadly no photograph album from my mom or her sister were amongst them.

planter boxes

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Or you could be happy for tomorrow, just due to yesterday. Or it can be full of love, of all of the things we now have shared.

It’s the Soldier, not the Preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It’s the Soldier, not the Lawyer, who has given us the best to a good trial. It’s the Soldier, not the Poet, who has given us the freedom of speech. It’s the Soldier, not the Reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press. The Southern Alberta soldiers who paid the final word value for our freedom won’t ever be forgotten. It’s a practice of carrying poppies in Canada as a sign of respect and thanks for many who have served in uniform, each right here in Canada and in many parts of the world.

Geri the opposite day your daughters Christine and Arin requested me to learn one of two poems I wrote on the blog of the Funeral Home. One poem is a poem I wrote for another pal we misplaced this yr. The coincidence is that her daughter’s name can also be Christine. Your thoughts had been always for your loved ones and with this poem I know it’s what you, Geri would have appreciated to tell them. We didn’t understand the horror you went by way of,till your daughter Thea had the courage to write down a book, ‘I Thought You Should Know’. My Father died a horrible demise as a POW of the Japanese, working as a slave laborer, building a railroad through the jungles of Thailand.It has been 69 years in the past, the 12 months was 1943, the date was the 18th of September. I was solely two and half years old when he died and he was only twenty six.